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Dog Walk&Play

Private Dog Walking Service in Brussels

Louis-Nicolas Fortin

[email protected]

Massage et Physiothérapie

Plus d'informations sur demande et à venir

Massage musculaire pour soulager et renforcer 

Massage craniosacré pour détendre

Drainage lymphatique favorisant le bien-être

Quelques exemples de clients en physio/massothérapie - A few examples of clients in canine massage and physiotherapy 

Nous avons eu de très bonnes séances de massage de 30min pour Mika (3 ans), en se concentrant sur sa nuque/les épaules, ainsi que le bas du dos/sacrum, pour soulager les tensions créées par le jeu et les sauts, avec effleurage, pétrissage, étirements. Avons terminé par une promenade de 30min au Bois de la Cambre.

Had three good massage therapy sessions with Dana, a cocker spaniel soon turning a very respectable 17 years of age. She injured her back legs and lower back, which restricted her mobility. I worked on loosening muscles, working joints and stretching her back and legs delicately, with her family present. We saw definite improvements and she could walk in the park a few days later ...

Quatre séances de massage pour Djelly (7 ans), avec Linda et en solo, avant son départ avec sa famille pour la Suisse. Accent sur les régions dorsales (et en particulier T11-L3) qu'elle avait blessées lorsqu'elle était chiot, pour détendre et améliorer la mobilité. Elle a pu reprendre les promenades et session de jogging avec sa famille! 

In our early morning walks on the beach on holiday, Bella (3y) injured herself while fetching her toy (still a big puppy). She stopped and presented her paw to me, as she has been my constant et patient massage therapy trial subject. A quick 2min massage to her right front limb fixed it ... and she was good to go for some more fun! Always thankful for Woofs&Hoofs Animal Massage Therapist Training. 

We had very good 90min introductory meeting and ensuing massage sessions with Oscar, a nice Welsh Terrier of 10 years, and his family. We planned two sessions in view of a coming operation (pre- and post-operatory), including lymphatic drainage, as well as regular massages to address some back pains and tensions. 

Nous avons rencontré Snake, un attachant toutou de 17 ans pour lequel j’ai pu faire des séances de massothérapie complètes, sur une base mensuelle, afin de favoriser la mobilité et la détente musculaire et articulaire, particulièrement au niveau du cou, dos, pattes avants et arrières. Nous terminons toujours avec des étirements et un massage craniosacré, et il peut partir en balade près du centre équestre. 

We had the opportunity to provide soothing and relaxing 30min massage sessions to Stella 6m-1y) who enjoyed the work on the neck, shoulders, back and lower back, as well as legs. Focus on hips and hind legs which require strengthening. Also gave her a lymphatic drainage session when she had her operation. 

I guess that, as for our daughter Constance, our little Arthur has quickly picked up some Animal Massage Therapy (AMT) techniques to apply to our Bella yesterday afternoon while I was out on forest walks. Well done 😉👍

Always so grateful to be able to help our family, friends and clients' furry companions, based on the learnings from Linda M. Gould at Woofs&Hoofs Animal Massage Therapy School